Come and join us for a great sport at Abbotsford!

Abbotsford welcomes sailors from all ages and we have different support programs and classes in place.

Abbotsford 12' sailing club invites membership from all levels of sailing. The club is primarily a club of boat owners who sail mono-hull centre board dinghies as specified in the Class Types. Sailors would be expected to either bring their own boat or negotiate access to a boat (as skipper or crew) with the club or club members. See the membership details page for more information. One option is to join the Adult Start Sailing, contact the club for more information. The club has only a limited number of boats for lease for racing and these are also our training boats and tend to be aimed at juniors. If you have limited experience with sailing, please see the Learn to Sail page.

Sailors participating in a class are encouraged to also join the relevant class association. Abbotsford sailors are regular participants in zone, state, national and even international regattas. The club also regularly hosts inter-club regattas for various classes. See the calendar page for details of upcoming events.

Boat Storage

The club has limited storage facilities for boats in the clubhouse. See the membership details page for more information.

Learn to Sail

The club can offer learn to sail courses for children as well as other programs designed to develop the skills needed to participate in the afternoon races. See the learn to sail for more details.

After the children learn to sail they then need a boat. To make this easier the club has six sabots that can be leased on a weekly or yearly basis for use in cadet races or the afternoon race. The club also owns two Puffin Pacers which are used for learn to sail and can sometimes be leased by club members. The club encourages parents to purchase a boat after one season so as to maximize the availability of the club boats for training.


The club requires all members to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others while at the club. This include

  • The use of PFDs. The club has a collection of PFDs for use by members (although most members use their own PFD)
  • Provision of manned safety boats during training and races.
  • Sign-on/sign-off procedures for races
  • Adherence to the Child Protection Act with regard to the safety of children and young adults while at the club.
Voluntary Work

Without the help of parents and friends the club could not operate. Your help is needed to:

  • Help in the club canteen at lunchtime
  • Open up in the morning and pack away tables etc after racing has finished.
  • Man the rescue boats as well as lay and collect the course marks.
  • Help with the cleaning and general maintenance of the club
  • Help with maintenance of the clubhouse during working bees etc.